Bra Fitting over the phone?!

Remember that childhood game Dream Phone and how exciting it was to call your crush?! That’s how I felt when I got a package of PERFECT bras after doing an over-the-phone bra fitting with Birdsong Bras & Bare Necessities. At first, I wasn’t sure. How could they do a fitting over the phone? Would they really know which bras would fit me best, what my size was? The answer is 100% YES!

I’ve done dozens (yes, dozens!) of fittings and tried quite a few brands and I can say confidently that Birdsong is now up there among my top bra recommendations. In fact, I’m thinking of doing a YouTube video (largely do to you guys’ request! ) sharing my favorite bras for all different outfits and occasions. I’ve got some pretty creative solutions no matter your needs, I like to think!

Anyway, back to my virtual fitting: Kristyn, one of their fit experts called me at a scheduled time and had me measure my chest across the fullest part of my bust as well as across my chest. She also asked me questions about the shape of my breasts, where they were the fullest, etc. She also went a step further to look at my Instagram page to get more of an understanding of my body.

She told me what she thought my bra size would be, and when the bras were shipped to me, they fit perfectly! I was honesty blown away, and  I loved how easy but thorough and personal the service was.

Don’t have time for a call? Birdsong Bras brand recently launched on Bare Necessities and you can also chat with a fit expert over on their site!
A proper bra is a must-have foundation for the fit of any clothing. It actually changes the shape of your body—how you stand, how clothing fits and lays. It can increase your confidence (it has mine!) and comfort. I’m so glad to be on this journey and will keep sharing my finds with you guys. Please share yours, too!

I am wearing the Birdsong Camilla Side Support Bra. I love the fit, the lace details and the support. It feels like a warm hug!

Oh! And I just saw, you can shop Birdsong 25% off right now for Bare Necessities Friends & Family sale with code Family19!

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